Composition : Nickel 67%, Chromium 24%, Molybdenum 10%, traces of Si, Fe. Does not contain any Beryllium.

This alloy distinguishes itself by an outstanding fluidity, which grants to fill even the thinnest details of the frame, down to 0.2 of millimetre. Its thermal expansion coefficient is ideal for every ceramic of the latest generation.

Type IV alloy, ISO 9693-1:2012 and ISO 22674:2016, CE 0123

For the tech sheet, click here : Magnum ceramic smagnum-ceramic-s.pdf

For the instructions of use, click here : Ifu magnum ceramic sifu-magnum-ceramic-s.pdf

 Available in 500gr and 1 kilo packagings.


Magnum Ceramic S

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Magnum Mesa Nickel